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Large Barrel Smooth Top Ceramic Nail Drill Bit. Blue


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With the revolutionary cut and safe-end working part, the smooth top bit produce an optimum treatment faster and safer.

· Excellent for backfills, surface cleaning, and other acrylic trimming

· 3/32’’or 1/8’’ shank diameter

· Full coarseness for you choose

· Made with high strength zirconia ceramic

· High concentricity

· Safer for clients

· Easy to cool

· Antibacterial

· No clogging

· Acid and alkali-resistant


Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your drill bits:

Step #1 Clean your ceramic bits to remove dust from the surface by washing with a small cleaning brush, alcohol and warm water.

Step #2 Please don’t use UV light that will destroy the ceramic structure and don’t use colored liquids that will dyeing ceramics.

Step #3 Dry your drill bits completely and store away.