Pedicure disc PODODISC STALEKS PRO L and set of disposable file 180 grit 5 pc (25 mm)

  • Sterilizable in a dry heat sterilizer and autoclave
  • Disinfectable with various products
  • Allows you to increase the speed of the pedicure procedure
  • Provides better processing of the foot skin
  • High quality stainless steel
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    Disposable files-sponges for pedicure disc Pododisc Staleks Pro L (25 pcs)

    • File-sponges – perfectly polishes the surface of the foot, grinds small cracks, which allows you to keep the effect of smooth feet much longer
    • High-quality abrasive has a soft, durable structure; pre-treatment of feet with oils or other means does not affect the properties of the file
    • A thick foam base prevents overheating of the treated area, creates a shock absorption effect
    • A reliable adhesive base guarantees strong fixation of the file and ensures the safety of the procedure
    • 25 pieces of disposable files per pack

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    Refill pads for pedicure disc STALEKS PRO L 80 grit (50 pc)

  • 80 grit
  • size L (25mm diameter)
  • high quality abrasive elements
  • reliable adhesion to base
  • no swelling due to contact with water
  • mineral abrasive material silicon carbide
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    Scinie Regenerating Oil, 30 ml

    • 100% natural content (does not contain parabens, silicones, and fragrances)
    • multipurpose oil for body skincare (has not only moisturizing and nourishing qualities but also the ability to regenerate and anti-inflammatory activity, which is important for problem areas of the skin)
    • has a cosmetic and healing effect
    • suitable for all types of foot polishing (PodoDisk, silicone nozzle)
    • easy to use - quickly absorbed without leaving a greasy film on the skin

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    PODO DISC KIT L (25mm)


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